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SmartCONNECT for Payment is an automation system that provides real-time distribution of payment information between hotel software systems, booking channels, sales tools and manual entry into the Property Management System. The PMS automatically receives payment status notifications and associates guarantees or deposits from the payment provider with the reservation.

SmartCONNECT for Payment can be set up according to personal preferences via so-called ‘business rules’. This gives you full authority and flexibility over how, when and where your guests’ bookings are charged. For example, you can automatically and securely verify or charge (virtual) credit cards. You can also send out payment links to your guests before, during or after their stay at your hotel. Other examples of using business rules include adding tourist tax or commissions in the payments or facilitating partial payments.

Few things are more important to operate your hotel than your guests’ payments. Consequently, hotel owners will opt for a payment system that meets both the guest’s wishes and how they run their business. On the other hand, it is less common that the payment system integrates with the hotel’s PMS. As a result, the front desk staff have to process all payments manually. Other than being error-sensitive, this takes a lot of time and can be unsafe.

All your payments fully automated

SmartCONNECT for Payment ensures that hotel guests’ payments can be made quickly, securely and hospitably. With the click of a button, payments for online and offline bookings are automatically billed by the payment service provider and processed directly in the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS).

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SmartCONNECT for Payment

What can SmartCONNECT for Payment do for your hotel?

A fully automated payment process saves a lot of time on manual work, eliminates errors and fully complies with the GDPR and credit card security standard (PCI-DSS).

  • Automated payment process – payments for all online and offline bookings are automatically billed by the hotel’s payment provider (Worldline, Adyen, Concardis, PayByLink, SOTpay).
  • Successful payments – Failed credit card payments are not processed and a new payment option is sent.
  • Secure and responsible – Cardholder data is no longer stored in the PMS and there is no manual processing of credit cards.
  • PCI-DSS compliant – Your hotel becomes fully PCI compliant by automating and integrating the payment process in its entirety.
  • Positive guest experience – Payment is almost always made in advance so that the guest does not have to deal with payment issues at the reception desk.
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SmartCONNECT for Payment: the advantages at a glance

What hoteliers say about SmartCONNECT for Payment:

“I have less manual work, which saves a lot of time and (employee) costs.”

“The customer experience is more positive; the payment is almost always made in advance, so the guest is no longer confronted with financial matters at the counter.”

“My liquidity is higher because payment is almost always made in advance.”

“The credit card details of our guests hardly ever have to be looked at again, because the transactions are automated.”

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