More commission-free bookings through your own hotel website.

Save costs and get more direct reservations through the Smart Booking Engine.

Do you want to receive more commission-free bookings? It is possible with the SmartHOTEL Booking Engine! Maximise your profits by adding a super handy Booking Engine that will tempt your guests to book directly because of it’s easy way to use. Other than that, you can also add personalised deals that will make booking directly through your website more interesting than booking through online travel agents. A win for your guests and a big financial win for you

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How SmartHOTEL can change your business – and your revenue

It may sound like a wild dream to get way more travellers to book their stays on your website, so you don’t have to pay so much commission. But did you know that more than 50% of leisure and business travellers visit the hotel’s website after they have found it on a booking site? Today’s guests have a great understanding of the online booking game. That doesn’t mean they’ll automatically book through your website, but they will check it out and compare prices and extras you can offer. 

In short: if you can influence these people to book directly through your website, you have to pay a lot less commission. Our Smart Booking Engine does just that. With the Smart Booking Engine, your guests can book a room just as easily on your website as they do on booking sites. Furthermore, you can fully personalise the Smart Booking Engine. And you can add extras (a late check-out, a glass of champagne… ) for guests if they book through your booking system, which can be extra tempting for your guests. Plan a free demo now to see how exactly our reservation engine works.

All the benefits of the Smart Booking Engine on your hotel website.

Searching for the best booking engine? No need to search further. Our Smart Booking Engine will transform your bookings and your profits.

    Increase the number of direct, commission-free bookings via your website.

    All bookings that come through the booking engine are processed directly in the Smart Channel Manager (and PMS). Renewed availability and prices are automatically passed on to all your booking channels.

    The Smart Booking Engine can be fully customised to your wishes and the branding of your website.

    When you have a problem or need advice, your dedicated consultant will help you directly. We provide personal, fast and efficient service.

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Smart Channel Manager

Smart & Simple

At SmartHOTEL we have one goal: to connect your hotel with the world. We do this with quality software and the best service so that you can spend more time on your guests.

  • Quick, easy and trustworthy – This easy-to-use and modern booking engine helps you make more direct bookings via your website. Our booking engine also safely stores your customer’s data.

  • Multi-currency – The Smart Booking Engine is available in almost all currencies.

  • Completely automated – Directly connected to the Smart Channel Manager so that your prices and availability are updated in real-time on all online channels.

  • Fully responsive – The Smart Booking Engine is responsive, so your hotel is always easy to book via mobile, tablet or PC.

  • Customisable design – The Smart Booking Engine can be adapted to the branding of your website which makes it recognisable for your guests.

  • Analytics & Reporting – Detailed performance reports via Google Analytics available as well as insights into the click behaviour of the guests to optimise the usability.

  • Online Payment – Benefit from many online payment options through our integration with our own Smart Payments. For instance credit card, PayPal and local payment options.

  • Commission-free bookings – Our pricing is fair and transparent. The Smart Booking Engine is available for a fixed amount per month without unforeseen costs or commissions per booking.

Do you want to know more about the benefits of the SmartHOTEL Booking Engine? Experience the guest journey by making a test reservation!

Or check out our FAQ’s about our OBE!

FAQ’s about Online Booking Engines (OBEs)

Wat je moet weten over Online Boekingsmodules (OBE's)

With your own booking engine on your hotel website, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Increase the number of direct, commission-free bookings.
  • Become less dependent on other booking channels and their additional commissions.
  • Possibility to offer personalised deals and specials (upsell) to guests.
  • Allow guests to pay directly during the booking process.
  • Connect with your guests through pre-/afterstay communication and promo codes.
  • You can eliminate boring, manual work with our instant integrations. This means you or your employees can focus on truly bringing the best experience to your guests.

An OBE is a button, widget or search bar on your own hotel website or social media that encourages guests to make a booking online. Depending on your preference, the entire booking process can take place on the website itself, or an external booking environment. When the guest has made a reservation via the engine, both the hotel and the guest will receive a confirmation by email. When you link the booking engine to the channel manager, the prices and availability of your rooms are automatically updated on other booking channels. Everything is automated, which saves you time (and thus money!).

In principle an OBE does the same as a booking site, but provides you with direct bookings on which you do not have to pay any commission. There are still many hoteliers who refer to a partner booking site on their website to book a room, or even offer no booking option at all on the website. That’s a shame, because the hotelier misses the opportunity to offer guests a personal experience from the very first moment and save a lot of money on high commission costs.

Like mentioned above, it’s a shame if people come on your website to book, and you refer them to another site that charges them more because you have to pay commission. In this day and age, most of the population is used to doing everything on the internet, so they don’t mind checking which rooms are available when, and which prices are connected to their preferred dates. Research has shown that over 57% of all travel bookings are done online – and this number is only bound to grow in the next few years. Many people who’ve grown up in this digital age won’t bother emailing or calling if they can’t find a booking engine on your site. There’s a big chance they will think your hotel isn’t modern at all and they will book with a competitor. Having your own booking engine makes it quick and easy for guests to book. And the booking engine makes you look professional and reliable. 

While big booking sites make it easy for guests to compare all the hotels in a certain area, most guests know that these websites don’t offer the best prices. Over 50% of all guests will check out if the hotel offers a better price than the booking site, or visit your site to take a look at extra photos. Once they visit your website, you have the opportunity to draw them in and make them want to book directly with you. You can do this with great pricing, but also with a little extra they only get when they book with your OBE – such as a glass of champagne in the room, a free late check-out …

First of all: our booking engine is super easy to use – you don’t want your possible customers to exit your reservation engine and go back to a booking site because they consider the engine too difficult! Other than that, we can fully customise the design so the booking engine has the same look and feel as the rest of your website. We make sure the booking engine is fully automated so your prices and availability are updated in real-time on your website and on the other channels you advertise rooms on. Customers can choose from many online payment options in multiple currencies. Handy, right? And don’t worry: we don’t ask for a commission on every booking. Our booking engine is available for a fixed amount of money every month. It truly can be this easy. 

Yes, you can also integrate for instance ‘book now’ buttons on your Facebook page or in your #Linkinbio of your Instagram account. That way, you can get potential customers from social media and make it super easy for those guests to book a hotel room. 


You can choose which URL you want to link to your button. The main page from your booking engine is an obvious choice, because visitors can check which rooms are available during their preferred stay. But if you for instance post a lot about a certain promotion, you can change the link in your bio to that promotion. For instance if you post about a special Christmas stay or a Valentine’s promotion, you can easily swap the link so your visitors see that promotion first and don’t have to look for it in the booking engine.

Je kunt zelf kiezen welke URL je wilt linken naar je button. De hoofdpagina van je booking engine is een voor de hand liggende keuze, omdat bezoekers daar kunnen zien welke kamers beschikbaar zijn tijdens hun gewenste verblijf. Maar als je bijvoorbeeld veel post over een bepaalde promotie, kun je de link in je bio aanpassen naar die promotie. Als je bijvoorbeeld een speciale kerstactie of een Valentijnsactie aankondigt, kun je de link gemakkelijk verwisselen zodat je bezoekers die actie als eerste zien en er niet naar hoeven te zoeken in de reserveringsmodule.

Of course our booking engine is totally mobile friendly. And while we’re mentioning it, it’s also tablet friendly … regardless of the device a guest is using, we make sure the booking engine looks good, works well and loads fast. You don’t want people to back out and see a huge bounce rate in Google Analytics! 

There’s a few ways you can look at this. First of all, there’s the obvious answer: with every booking made though your own engine, you save on commission costs that you normally would pay to an external partner. But there’s more: having a booking engine that’s fully integrated with your systems, means no one has to manually enter information, which saves time and thus money. Lastly, with your own booking engine you now own all the data that’s linked to your customers instead of ‘losing’ that data to a booking site. Many people consider data to be worth its weight in gold, because it allows you to make better decisions and tailor your marketing campaigns to attract your preferred guests. All these data-driven decisions can make you gain an advantage over your competitors … and that allows you to make even more money. 

Net als andere software as a service, betaalt u een kleine maandelijkse vergoeding om te kunnen onze booking engine te gebruiken. Die vergoeding is helemaal niet gekoppeld aan het bedrag van de boekingen die je krijgt – dus geen zorgen te maken over commissies. Wij kunnen uw booking engine in 24 uur tot een week implementeren, afhankelijk van hoe snel u ons de benodigde input en foto’s kunt geven. Natuurlijk zorgen we ervoor dat uw booking engine er geweldig uitziet met uw website. We bieden ook consultancy en service, dus als u vragen heeft of een probleem, uw toegewijde consultant is er voor u. Wij zijn trots op onze efficiënte en persoonlijke service. 

Andere manieren waarop SmartHOTEL uw werklast kan optimaliseren

Just as other software as a service, you pay a small monthly fee to be able to use our booking engine. That fee is not linked at all to the amount of bookings you get – so no need to worry about commissions. We can implement your booking engine in 24 hours to oneweek, depending on how quickly you can give us the needed input and photos. Of course we make sure your booking engine looks great with your website. We also offer consultancy and service so if you have questions or a problem, your dedicated consultant is there for you. We pride ourselves on our efficient and personal service. 

Bij SmartHOTEL zijn we er om uw leven als hotelier makkelijker en winstgevender te maken. Daarom hebben we ook Smart Payments gelanceerd, dat automatisch betalingen voor online en offline boekingen verrekent via uw PMS. Dat betekent dat u meer tijd kunt besteden aan zaken die echt belangrijk zijn. 

What other hoteliers say about us:

Since we have the Smart Booking module, it is much easier and faster for the guest to book on the website. We now generate many more direct bookings.

source: Hoteltechreport

Recommendation 8/10

Owner, Boutique hotel in Ruinen, Netherlands

I was skeptical, but it’s true. We have more now more bookings on our own website through the Smart Booking module.

source: Hoteltechreport

Recommendation 8/10

Hotelowner, Independent hotel in Veessen, Netherlands

Other ways SmartHOTEL can optimise your workload

Did you know we offer more than just a booking engine? We believe that anno 2022, technology is a super important part of owning or operating a hotel. Why would you spend hours emailing back and forth with clients when this could be done totally automatically? Or why would you hire a receptionist that has to spend twenty minutes checking someone in, when that could be done before and they could be using that time to show the guests around? 

At SmartHOTEL, we are here to make your life as a hotelier easier and more lucrative. That’s why we’ve also launched SmartConnect for Payment, that automatically charges payments for online and offline bookings through your PMS. That means you can spend more time on things that are truly important.

what is an OBE

OBE stands for Online Booking Engine. Sometimes it’s also called an IBE (Internet Booking Engine). OBE is a software tool for the hotel website that allows guests to book directly with the hotel. How does it work and what are the advantages for your hotel?

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