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Independent hotels

Use hotel software that you can fully tailor to the needs of your hotel. The right software will get you more efficiency and more bookings from your online distribution, which helps you grow your revenue and make it more predictable. An added benefit: you’ll have more time to spend with your guests.

Software that matches your type of hotel:

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Hotel chains

Choose customized online distribution solutions that fully integrate with your hotel chain’s reservation system. Each hotel has access to its own account, and you can access all the accounts in your chain. This way, you maintain an overview of all your hotels. When you use Oracle Hospitality OPERA , you have found the perfect match with SmartHOTEL.

Software that matches your type of hotel:

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Offer your customers integrated and fully automated hotel software. SmartHOTEL is building towards a future with limitless connectivity between all hotel systems. Are you a hotel software supplier or vendor, and do you share our vision? We would like to get to know you!

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