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Channel Manager

* / per month & accommodation

Manage all your booking channels in one place.

Booking Engine

* / per month & accommodation

Get more direct, commission-free bookings.


Channel Manager + Booking Engine

Everything you need to make your hotel grow.

  • Channel Manager
  • Booking Engine
  • Channel Manager
  • Booking Engine
  • Manage all your booking channels in one place
  • Fully integrated with your PMS
  • The best support and consultancy
  • Increase the number of direct reservations
  • Avoid high commissions on your bookings
  • Offer your guests a personal booking experience
  • Manage all your booking channels in one place
  • Fully integrated with your PMS
  • The best consultancy and support
  • Increase the number of direct reservations
  • Avoid high commissions on your bookings
  • Offer your guests a personal booking experience
Sell your hotel rooms effortlessly online on the booking sites. The Smart Channel Manager automates the management of prices, availability and restrictions on all your booking channels.
Receive more direct bookings free of commission via your own website. With the Smart Booking Engine, your guests can book a room just as easily on your website as they do on booking sites.
Optimise the online sale of your rooms with SmartHOTEL Complete. With SmartHOTEL you automate all your booking channels and receive more direct, commission-free bookings for more time and more revenue.

* The prices shown are 'from' prices. There may be additional costs depending on the reservation system and booking channels.

What other hoteliers say about us:

pension homeland smarthotel

SmartHOTEL has a small team, so I more or less know everyone. The lines of communication are short, the communication is strong, and you are very easy to reach. When I have a question, you are always helpful, and I have someone on the line in no time. We experience the Channel Manager as very stable. It works flawlessly, and it is an excellent system!

Chris, Pension Homeland
golden tullip ampt van nijkerk smarthotel

Our biggest challenge in online distribution is to manage a wide variety of channels as efficiently and smoothly as possible. SmartHOTEL is very helpful in this respect and thinks along with you in several areas. The support is great, and there is a short response time. I will always recommend SmartHOTEL.

Illian Hamburg, Golden Tulip Ampt van Nijkerk
hotel de stobbe - smarthotel

Our challenge in the Online Distribution world is to have the highest possible room occupancy. With SmartHOTEL, we can work more efficiently, and it is easier to increase room occupancy. I would certainly recommend the Channel Manager, among other things because of the outstanding service and reliability.

René Wever, Hotel De Stobbe

SmartHOTEL has enabled us to work in a more efficient way with our chains’ channel management. It is stable and easy to work with and they provide great support. The support team is very professional and fun to work with.

Nina - Distribution & System Manager, Elite Hotels of Sweden
hotel arrows smarthotel

We have an excellent cooperation with SmartHOTEL, and we are delighted with that. All our online channels are linked to SmartHOTEL so that you can work efficiently. Our challenge is to continue to improve the sales of our rooms in different areas, including promotions with different online channels that connect to SmartHOTEL. SmartHOTEL helps us to find out what is the best way to do this, and you will be helped quickly by telephone and adjustments will be implemented immediately. I would definitely recommend the SmartHOTEL Channel Manager because it is fast, easy and efficient. All the employees you have contact with over the phone know what they are doing and ensure a quick result.

Jill & Bob Pijls, Hotel Arrows

The SmartHOTEL Channel Manager is a timesaver and enables us to focus on our core business: serving the customer.

Leonie, Revenue Manager, Mainport Hotel Rotterdam
Woodbrooke landgoedhotel

Since we have been working with the SmartHOTEL Channel Manager, we have noticed that online sales have increased, especially on our website. The SmartHOTEL team is swift and correct in its communication. The great thing is that the support team thinks along and gives advice. I think SmartHOTEL is a perfect partner to increase online distribution and I would certainly recommend you.

Yvonne Westendorp, Landgoedhotel Woodbrooke

Do you have any questions about our prices? Please contact us via sales@smarthotel.nl or call us on +31 (0)182 75 11 18.

We use value-based pricing, which means that the price you pay reflects the value it brings to your hotel. Factors that we include in the price calculation are: the number of rooms, the number of links to booking channels and the complexity of certain set-ups or integrations with other software systems. So you will never pay for something you don’t use.

You pay once a year for the SmartHOTEL products. This means that you purchase our software and additional service for at least one year and receive an annual invoice for this. Payment in several installments is possible under certain conditions. Please contact us for the possibilities.

No, creating additional login accounts is part of our service. Within one hotel multiple login accounts can be created with separate email addresses. If desired, the user rights can also be adjusted per account; for example, a revenue manager probably needs more rights in the system than a front-desk employee.

We want hoteliers to get the most out of our software and service. Initial training is included in the set-up costs of the hotel, after that you can make unlimited use of our support and consultancy service.

Adding multiple rooms, booking channels or software integrations to our software can be done at any time. If you want to make changes that affect the value of the product (more rooms, new booking sites etc.), we will not directly charge you. We work on the basis of annual contracts. This means that any changes will only be re-evaluated in the new year and calculated in the price.

It can be arranged within one day. Our support team is flexible in setting up your account. You basically have the period of going live under your own control. Of course, it depends if you want to link our software to a Property Management System (PMS) as the PMS account has to be ready before we go live. Fortunately, we have close contact with all our PMS partners and this is often achieved quickly.