Resort Portavadie: Reduce unnecessary administration work with prepayments that require no manual work

For hoteliers, no-shows are very annoying – and expensive! To combat this, many hoteliers opt for sending out emails with prepayment links a certain amount of time before the guests’ stay. But doing this manually requires a lot of work. At Resort Portavadie, a resort with a marina on Loch Fine, sending out prepayment links and emailing payment reminders became a time-consuming task. Then they learned they could fully automate this task with Smart Payments. “Smart Payments allowed us to automatically send personalised emails with prepayment links a certain amount of days before a stay. Suddenly our receptionists were freed of error sensitive, repetitive work.”

  • Sending out personalized emails with payment links in different design templates (1st payment, reminder etc.)
  • Clients can easily pay by clicking the link and choosing their preferred payment method/device
  • Less time spent on administration

Stay, eat, celebrate, explore and pamper at Resort Portavadie

Resort Portavadie Loch Fine Scotland is a gorgeous resort with apartments, cottages, places to stall motorhomes and more next to Loch Fine. The resort offers stunning views of the loch, has a marina for boat owners and also offers a Restaurant & Bar, a Cafe and a Spa. People can enjoy their vacation at Resort Portavadie Loch Fine Scotland, but the stunning Highland location is also well-loved for meetings and events, such as weddings.

“We offer multiple accommodation types and for those accommodations the prepayment policies differ per accommodation and rate type. We were sending out emails and reminder emails manually, which – looking back at it – took so much time. Now everything is automated: the emails with prepayment links are sent out automatically, based on the rate type and arrival date.”

Iain Jurgensen, Managing Director @ Resort Portavadie Loch Fine Scotland

The issue at Resort Portavadie

Resort Portavadie offers many different accommodation types. To make sure the guests show up and the resort doesn’t have any empty rooms (especially in high season!) the resort asks for a prepayment. They send out an email for a percentage of the full price a set amount of days before arrival. Doing this for each and every room and rate type, and checking whether clients paid and sending reminder emails, turned out to be a very time consuming task.

  • A full time employee had to send out prepayment mails
  • Checking if the payment came through also took a lot of time
We support all payment methods

The solution

By implementing Smart Payments, Resort Portavadie Loch Fine Scotland was able to set prepayment rules for each rate type. In short: a set amount of time before a guests’ stay, they receive a personalised email to pay a percentage of the price of their accommodation. When they fail to pay after a set amount of days, the system automatically sends out a payment reminder. And so on. If the guest fails to pay after multiple reminders, the hotelier gets an alert from Smart Payments, so (s)he can contact the guest or if needed, cancel the reservation. If the guests pay, their prepayment gets automatically registered in the PMS.

By implementing Smart Payments, the administration office at Resort Portavadie Loch Fine Scotland suddenly had a lot less work concerning payments.

The proven results of SmartPayments


150 hours monthly that were freed up for other tasks


Revenue certainty


Guests can pay with their preferred payment method + preferred device


A smoother guest experience: no waiting at a receptionist’s desk for a long check-in

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