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Frequently Asked Questions

A Channel Manager is an online environment (extranet) that allows you to manage all your booking channels in one place. Room prices, availability and restrictions are automatically updated to all OTA’s and other sales channels. You no longer have to worry about double- or overbookings and sell your rooms on multiple booking channels. 

Definitely! Because you don’t have many rooms, you want to sell them on as many booking sites as possible. The disadvantage of this is that you have to divide the rooms over the booking sites to avoid double bookings, which makes it more difficult for the guests to book. With a Channel Manager, you don’t have to worry about that. The Channel Manager ensures that you can offer the same number of rooms everywhere, without having to worry about double bookings. This helps your hotel or B&B to be well booked throughout the year.

Technically speaking, a Channel Manager is a data exchange system, not a marketing or sales tool. However, a Channel Manager ensures that you can work with multiple booking channels, allowing you to work more strategically with the online sales of your rooms. The SmartHOTEL team can help you with your set-up and give advice on which channels are suitable for your accommodation. 

No hotel or accommodation is the same! That’s why we have an honest, transparent and value-based pricing policy for the SmartHOTEL Channel Manager. This pricing includes several criteria, such as the number of rooms, links to booking sites or links to a reservation system (PMS). Would you like to receive a personal offer? Please contact us via our contact form.

Yesterday! No, just kidding, but we can arrange it within one day. Our support team is flexible in setting up your account. The period of going live is basically up to you. Of course, it depends on whether you want to link the Channel Manager to a PMS because the PMS account must also be ready before we go live. Fortunately, we have close contact with all our PMS partners, and this is often easily achieved.
For a booking site where the hotel is not yet active, a contract between the hotel and the booking site usually has to be signed before SmartHOTEL can set up the connection with the booking site. Most booking sites have a hotel registration page on their website. If you can’t find it, please contact the SmartHOTEL team!
Certainly! The Channel Manager has been carefully tested on the established (global) security requirements and is officially validated for this. For our PCI-DSS certificate or more information about this legislation and security requirements, please refer to our security page.
Most of the direct links offered by SmartHOTEL are on this page. Through our partners, other connections are available that are not on this list (like Trivago or Tripadvisor). Are you missing a channel in the list? Please contact us via our contact form to inquire about this.

The SmartHOTEL Channel Manager does not have a connection to How the booking site exchanges data is not in accordance with our Channel Management technology. For example, it would only be possible to retrieve reservations a few times a day, which increases the risk of overbooking. To guarantee the quality of our system, a link with is therefore not possible.

The SmartHOTEL team will help you to set up new rooms and rates in the Channel Manager and create connections to the booking sites (mapping). The team looks at your wishes and needs and adapts its support accordingly. If you want a lot of independence, we will take this into account. Even if you need more tools, we are there for you!
It’s important to us to keep personal contact and build a good relationship with our hoteliers. When setting up your hotel account, you will have a personal go-live consultant. For all support-related questions, we work with a small and warm team. Whether it is your go-live consultant or someone else on our team, you will always receive excellent and professional help.

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