Real-time, automated 2-way online distribution with the Smart Channel Manager.

Keeping your room inventory, rates and restrictions up-to-date on your booking sites has never been easier.
With the Smart Channel Manager, you manage all your booking channels in one place. This eliminates overbooking and allows you to sell your rooms on multiple booking channels.

Start using Channel Management today. Save valuable time while your revenue grows.

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What you need to know about channel management:

A channel manager is a system that allows you to easily manage all your rooms on all connected booking channels from one location. Previously you had to go through every booking site to change your availability and prices manually, but now it’s all centralised in the channel manager. Also, the system collects all reservations from the booking sites, which are then redirected to the linked reservation system (PMS). In case you don’t have a PMS, the reservations are stored and made visible in the channel manager.

A channel manager can be seen as a gateway that can transfer information to different systems. When you have a reservation system (PMS) and adjust price or availability information in it, the channel manager will pass this on to the booking channels. Without a PMS, you can make these changes directly in the channel manager. The other way around, the reservations from the booking channels automatically appear in the channel manager. If you have a PMS, they will also automatically appear in your booking overview. This way, your information is always up to date.

If you don’t have a Channel Manager yet, you may find it difficult to keep track of multiple booking channels manually. You need to be precise and be able to act fast; it’s almost a full-time job. A Channel Manager will almost always get you a lot more than it will cost you because:

  • It saves you a lot of time and mistakes because you never have to keep track of your channels again manually.
  • You can sell more rooms because the system continuously adjusts the correct availability on all booking sites.
  • You have less or no overbookings because you don’t have to adjust the availability yourself.
  • You can easily connect to multiple booking sites and increase your visibility.
  • It is the link between all connectivity partners and hotel software, so everything is always synchronised.

Most importantly, ask yourself what you as a hotelier expect from a channel manager. Do you want an infinite choice of booking sites to link to? Are you looking for perfect integration between your PMS and your booking channels? Do you have a very complicated pricing structure that the channel management software must be able to handle? Or do you have specific wishes for the service that is provided with the system? Our advice is to write down all your wishes for yourself and then let yourself be informed.

Our consultants are happy to have an informal and honest conversation with you about this. If we think your wishes are a better match with another system, we will say so. Would you like to meet with us to discuss your needs? Leave a message on our contact page and we will arrange a meeting soon!

Channel management software brings multiple benefits. You can manage multiple channels from one place, reducing manual work. You can also work more efficiently, reducing the chance of overbooking and increasing the number of bookings. Bookings are collected in one place in the channel manager and then transferred to the PMS.

Manage all your booking channels in one place with the Channel Manager.

    With the Smart Channel Manager, your room inventory is always up-to-date across all your online booking sites (OTAs). This way you will never again have to deal with overbooking issues.

    By strategically offering your rooms on multiple booking sites, you increase the number of incoming reservations and your revenue.

    The Smart Channel Manager integrates with Oracle Hospitality OPERA, Suite8, Cloudinn, Mews, Protel and many other reservation systems on the international market, ensuring that all reservations will automatically appear in your PMS.

    If you have any questions or need advice, our consultants will be happy to help. Our communication lines are short and personal and our consultants are true hospitality experts.

Channel manager OTA
Smart Channel Manager Online Distribution
Smart Channel Manager easy userfriendly

Smart, Simple and Intuitive.

At SmartHOTEL we have one goal: connect your hotel to the world. We do this with quality channel management software and the best service, so you have more time to focus on your business.

  • Easy to use – Intuitive Channel Manager User Interface and experience.

  • Web-based – You can’t always be attached to your front-desk. Easy access from any place at any time.

  • Service as a Specialty – Your consultant works with you to establish your optimal channel mix and rate set-up.

  • Multilanguage & Currency – The Smart Channel Manager is available in multiple languages and most currencies.

  • Virtual properties – Got different account ID’s on an OTA and want them centralised in your PMS? No problem!

  • Dedicated support – Our consultants will help you quickly and personally.

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What hoteliers say about the Smart Channel Manager:


The SmartHOTEL Channel Manager is a timesaver
and enables us to focus on our core business:
serving the customer.

Leonie, Revenue Manager, Mainport Hotel Rotterdam
pension homeland smarthotel

SmartHOTEL has a small team, so I more or less know everyone. The lines of communication are short, the communication is strong, and you are very easy to reach. When I have a question, you are always helpful, and I have someone on the line in no time. We experience the Channel Manager as very stable. It works flawlessly, and it is an excellent system!

Chris, Pension Homeland
golden tullip ampt van nijkerk smarthotel

Our biggest challenge in online distribution is to manage a wide variety of channels as efficiently and smoothly as possible. SmartHOTEL is very helpful in this respect and thinks along with you in several areas. The support is great, and there is short response time. I will always recommend SmartHOTEL.

Illian Hamburg, Golden Tulip Ampt van Nijkerk
hotel de stobbe - smarthotel

Our challenge in the Online Distribution world is to have the highest possible room occupancy. With SmartHOTEL, we can work more efficiently, and it is easier to increase room occupancy. I would certainly recommend the Channel Manager, among other things because of the outstanding service and reliability.

René Wever, Hotel De Stobbe
hotel arrows smarthotel

We have an excellent cooperation with SmartHOTEL, and we are delighted with that. All our online channels are linked to SmartHOTEL so that you can work efficiently. Our challenge is to continue to improve the sales of our rooms in different areas, including promotions with different online channels that connect to SmartHOTEL. SmartHOTEL helps us to find out what is the best way to do this, and you will be helped quickly by telephone and adjustments will be implemented immediately.
I would definitely recommend the SmartHOTEL Channel Manager because it is fast, easy and efficient. All the employees you have contact with over the phone know what they are doing and ensure a quick result.

Jill & Bob Pijls, Hotel Arrows

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