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  • We Are SmartHOTEL Background

We Are SmartHOTEL,
Our Culture

SmartHOTEL is a team of Smart Developers and Social Hospitality Professionals that have the same goal: Create innovative experiences to make a hoteliers life easier.

We keep learning and improving our performance by going the extra mile for our customers, partners and colleagues. It is our aim to use different passions to help hoteliers by providing them with Smart & Simple solutions that help them move around in such a complex environment.

We love change, being flexible and dynamic all day. We mix ‘Scrum’ methodology with ‘Holacracy’ principles which provides freedom and clarity on responsibilities to all roles within the team.

Our People

“Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.

Conrad Hilton

Marcel - Customer Success

Frank - Founder & Business Development

Pitrik - Founder & Business Development

Niek - Interaction & Visual Designer

Matthijs - Development

Ricky - Development

Erica - Customer Success

Fiona UK Customer Success

Barbara - Quality & Knowledge

Marina - Finance

Marijke - Online Inbound Marketeer

Fay - SmartDOG

Jassin - Development

Greg - Development

Sebastiaan - Marketing & Communication

Victor - Customer Success

Leon - Development

Günther - Our Lord and Savior

Derreck - Customer Success

Hibbah - Development

Monique - Personnel & Operations

Marina - Customer Success

Leon Kreukniet

This is, Holacracy!

Most companies are used to work with a management hierarchy as their main operating system to structure their organization. SmartHOTEL has chosen for a more social operating system called www.holacracy.org

The basic instruments used within a management hierarchy are mainly focused on giving alignment (strategy), breaking down the work (manage it) and distribute it out (based on seniority).

‘Holacracy’ uses these elements as well, but it has a totally different method of implementing responsibilities within an organization. ‘Holacracy’ is replacing the function of managers making use of processes that are embedded in the SmartHOTEL teams that result in distributed accountabilities, accountabilities into roles, and roles into circles.

Everyone in a team is involved in the process of clarifying responsibilities. This instead of a manager figuring out who’s responsible for what based on hierarchy. During team meetings everyone figures out who’s doing what. At the end of the day there is clarity on who’s going to do what, who will make which decisions, what are the responsibilities of the different parties involved.

We all get there through a group process of learning together what serves the purpose of the company; the purpose of the work; how do we need to breakdown and structure the work and organize ourselves in order to achieve the best results. These are the basics of the dynamic process, the operating system of SmartHOTEL, called ‘Holacracy’.

Your Career at SmartHOTEL

“Great companies are built by people who never stop thinking about ways to improve the business.”

J. Willard Marriott

We encourage you to move beyond trodden paths when solving challenges for our customers. Please show some great proactiveness in helping our hoteliers by providing seamless connectivity and service that reaches the highest level.

Hospitality runs through our veins and it is shown in our daily habits; lunch, business trips and company events. So feel free to drop by for lunch and share with us your drive and passions!

Don’t you want to become part of a new and energizing adventure…!?

Job offers for Customer Success:

Customer Success Consultant

Customer Success Consultant

Customer Success Consultant

Hospitality Sales Legend

Job offers for Development:

SmartHOTEL Careers Software Engineer

Software Engineer


Discover the origin of SmartHOTEL and all our major milestones!

  • 2003 - The birth of SmartHOTEL

    A few years prior to 2003 Frank received the request from a restaurant owner to develop and build a cash register for the hospitality industry. With the development skills and knowhow from back then, and the will to help as a main driver, he developed a fully operational POS-software.

    In 2003 Pitrik joined forces with Frank. From the market it became clear that there was a demand for a planboard (digital agenda) to be implemented in the POS-software so that room occupancy could be managed. In the years to follow this software got developed into a fully integrated hotel PMS. The Front- and Back-office PMS software is still available and can easily be connected with the SmartHOTEL Channel Manager and the Online Booking Engine.

  • 2006 - The SmartHOTEL Channel Manager

    With the rising amount of online hotelroom reservations, the number of booking sites is also increasing. In 2006 there is the demand from the hotels to connect the PMS to the various booking sites, so that online prices, availability and restrictions can be distributed from one central point.

    With this software, the hotels can offer their available rooms on multiple booking sites. With pioneering technology, Frank developed a “XML-connection” between the PMS-software and the booking channels. Later, this turns out to be a great success. By now, the channel manager has grown to connect to more than 130 channels, booking sites, Online Booking Engines, PMS-software and Revenue-Management software that has been implemented and is used the world over.

  • 2007 - We become the technology provider behind the Micros Channel Manager (MCM)

    There are existing PMS-software providers that are interested in offering their own products in combination with the innovative channel management software, as a package. From this moment SmartHOTEL started offering the channel management software as a “White Label” product.

    Our partners, can thus connect their own name and branding to the technology that SmartHOTEL has developed. A good example of this, is the Micros Channel Manager (MCM), developed in 2007. Micros uses this software to connect their PMS products like Opera and Suite8 to the various booking channels. A long lasting cooperation is ensuring for continuous high quality integration with the various Micros products, this is something we are proud of!

  • 2013 - 1000-day plan

    In 2013 we realized that we had a very reactive operation and that we were taking advantage of the demands from the market. Then in 2013, there was a turning point where we came up with a proactive plan to turn the hotel industry upside down! On January 18th 2013 SmartHOTEL launched its “1000-day plan”.

    Together we have a vision of the travel market in 2020, and with this vision we went to work to reinvent our products. This is completely changed the operational side of SmartHOTEL: Our employees were on board straight away and were set on a mission of the following 500 days to redesign the new platform.

  • 2015 - The new Extranet

    On October 15th 2015 SmartHOTEL will have realized her dream. With a completely new platform for channel management services, SmartHOTEL is ready for the future. With this new platform, we embrace the kinship economy we are in today, and are ready to share and help.

    SmartHOTEL distinguishes itself in service, the desire to help the hotelier and facilitating personal attention instead of jelling from the roof tops how good we are. We are thrilled to share our knowledge with the hoteliers and help them realize their dream.

  • 02/12/2015 - Holacracy, our new organizational structure!

    They signed it! Frank and Pitrik our former "bosses" signed the Constitution for Holacracy!

    In this new organizational structure SmartHOTEL aims to grow empowerment of the team by implementing distributed leadership! We are excited to announce the start of and share our journey to Holacracy. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holacracy)