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Become our new
Hospitality Sales Legend!

You have ample knowledge about the hotel industry and should be eager to be involved in the most important area of our business; interacting with our (prospect) hoteliers. You will be responsible for  establishing new business and creating new long term friendships with Hoteliers to the SmartHOTEL brand. That both stimulate retention and loyalty based on a social hospitality minded relationship.

It will be your job to work closely with all our stakeholders; New Leads, the SmartHOTEL customers, consultants of (Oracle) partner product integration. This to ensure hoteliers are fully satisfied with their online distribution flow and to improve upon areas of dissatisfaction.

Other than the traditional form of relationship management, you will be working on improving the hotelier’s user experience of the software, relationship with SmartHOTEL and expanding business by providing the best fit of Smart & Simple Hotel solutions . Together with the Customer Success team, at the HQ of SmartHOTEL in The Netherlands, you will provide effective and accurate interaction with leads, clients, partners and colleagues.

This also involves giving advice and (up)selling the SmartHOTEL products and (Oracle) partner product integrations all over the world. Selling SmartHOTEL solutions by making use of your network, knowing the market best, is your way to move in this complex environment.

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Grow as a Hospitality Expert

You have the ability to grow the number of customers by:

  • Defining the online distribution strategy for hotels

  • Creating value for the customer by providing them with the best software solution for the management of their online distribution

  • Being able to convert leads to customers to fans of our product and brand. Leave a positive experience with your charm and empathy for their situation. Sales via trust, knowledge and service as a speciality.

  • Having the ability to lead projects on your own and possess a certain level of responsibility of your own portfolio

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As we are a dynamic team making use of Holacracy principles, you could be assigned to other roles besides your main roles. These will be valuable learning experiences that will help you grow rapidly within the company.

You will have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of our business and the roles presents a unique opportunity to learn about marketing, product development, sales strategies and technology. This is a chance to make real impact as a valuable stakeholder in the Hospitality Industry, as we continue our journey to spreading our vision about how to make a hotelier’s life easier.

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Key Skills

“Great companies are built by people who never stop thinking about ways to improve the business.”

J. Willard Marriott

  • A confident, personable, client-facing attitude
  • Attention to detail
  • Outstanding work ethic with ability to manage multiple projects and priorities simultaneously
  • Ability to work independently while serving effectively as part of a virtual team
  • Good reasoning skills, ability to prioritize the workload
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong technology skills relating to hotel software, CRM systems and productivity tools
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We encourage you to move beyond trodden paths when solving challenges for our customers. Please show some great proactiveness in helping our hoteliers by providing seamless connectivity and service that reaches the highest level.

Hospitality runs through our veins and it is shown in our daily habits; lunch, business trips and company events. So feel free to drop by for lunch and share with us your drive and passions!

Don’t you want to become part of a new and energizing adventure…!?

Our office is located in Reeuwijk, right next to the “Reeuwijkse Plassen”. Feel free to drop by, have a look and drink some coffee!

Address: Einsteinstraat 5,
2811 EP Reeuwijk, the Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)182 75 11 18
Email: derreck@smarthotel.nl

Or send your application to our Customer Success Leadlink Derreck Weterings via LinkedIN: