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We are taking leadership in a seamlessly transition of all Micros Channel Management clients to the SmartHOTEL Channel Management solution.

Our experienced team of hospitality professionals and smartdevelopers are going all the way
in solving the distribution challenges of over 2000+ hotel partners already.

SmartHOTEL Channel Manager establishes global presence by deeply integrating full, 2-way connectivity between handpicked;

  • Internationally oriented Online Travel Agencies (OTA)
  • Global Distribution Systems (GDS)
  • Online Booking Engines (OBE/IBE)
  • ORACLE Hospitality products

SmartHOTEL specializes in Oracle integrations. With main focus on integrated distribution solutions to Oracle MyFidelio CRS, OPERA and Suite8 PMS systems and is the technology provider behind the Micros Channel Manager.

2000+ hotels choose us for:

We go all the way for you!

We go all the way for you

The extra mile,
free of charge

Save precious time with the SmartHOTEL Channel Manager

Save precious time

By automated online
distribution solutions

Increase your revenue with the SmartHOTEL Channel Manager

Increase revenue

Centralised real-time
inventory management

How to get the most out of your channel manager.

In an increasingly complex online hospitality world it will only get more difficult to get noticed.

How to get the most out of your Channel Manager and select the right online distribution partner.

Read it in our free blog: “The S² model of successful hotel distribution”.

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Get unbeatable service

We go the extra mile so you can have 100% peace of mind.

  • MORE THAN JUST A PRODUCT – While we are proud of our advanced technology, it is our service that makes the real difference in the daily lives of our customers.
  • TAILORED SERVICE – Our experts work with you to establish your optimal channel mix. Missing a channel? We will get it integrated!
  • 100% IN-HOUSE SUPPORT – When you have a problem, we sort it out immediately and directly. No excuses, no ticket systems, no call centers.
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Save precious time

One-stop automated management of all your booking channels.

  • AUTOMATE – Eliminate manual entry through seamless integration with Oracle / Micros Fidelio and other leading PMSs and CRSs.
  • REDUCE errors and boost online sales with 2-way connectivity and real-time, accurate availability and rates across all your online channels / OTAs.
  • FREE UP precious time to spend on your guest experience without sacrificing distribution impact.
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Boost your revenues

Smart technology combined with Smart expertise results in maximum revenue.

  • REAL-TIME – always up-to-date rates and pooled inventory helps you boost revenues, reduce costs / errors and increase profitability.
  • EXPERT ADVICE – Our experts pro-actively monitor your performance and help you optimize your distribution strategy.
  • OPTIMAL VISIBILITY – Identify over-/underperforming channels at a glance for easy, effective revenue management and optimization.
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Why SmartHOTEL?

2000+ hotels and partners agree with us

We would like to introduce some of our current partners and connected hotels.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your niche market, or would like to learn more about our connected hotels.

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We know what we are talking about

With an extensive know-how of online distribution and a background in hospitality and consultancy,
our Customer Success team eats, lives and breathes hospitality.
We understand the complexity of online distribution.

Our aim is to make your life easier with great products and even greater service!

…So that you can spend your time realizing the ultimate guest experience in every way possible.

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Erica - Customer Success
Derreck - Customer Success
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