Introducing SmartCONNECT for Channel Management

Benefit from a direct and isolated connection between your PMS and all your distribution platforms with our new and improved OPERA Exchange Interface (OXI).

The OPERA Exchange Interface (OXI) supports the validated integration between Oracle Hospitality OPERA systems and the Smart Channel Manager. The interface ensures fast, cost-efficient, secure, and private data exchange between OPERA and all distribution platforms.

The data exchange includes room availability, rates and inventory and can be extended to handle more types of guest data like guest profile export, stay records and payment data from PMS to 3rd parties.

OXI Flow New SituationOXI Flow OldSituation

The old way of Online Hotel Distribution

  • Reservations platforms are shared with many other properties.

  • Not in control of your own configuration.

  • No private message flow for your property.

  • Multiple interfaces needed to achieve complete distribution.

The smart way of Online Hotel Distribution

  • No dependency on the performance of a shared platform.

  • Complete configuration freedom enables a dynamic pricing strategy.

  • Private interface enables fast and secure message flow.

  • Fewer interfaces results in more efficient online distribution.

All the benefits listed


Smart, Simple and Intuitive.

Connect your OPERA PMS directly to your distribution channels and benefit from direct 2-way distribution via the SmartHOTEL Channel Manager.

  • OXI interface – Enables a fast and secure way to update reservation information, availability, rates, and inventory between your distribution channels and your property management system (PMS) or central reservation system (ORS) via a single direct interface.

  • Two-way connectivity – Results in more efficient distribution, replacing other interfaces and enabling independent hotels and hotel chains to experience the benefits of an isolated distribution platform.

  • Seamless fit – We are Oracle Gold Partner integration specialists.

  • Service as a Speciality – Full Support & Consultancy on interfaces powered by SmartHOTEL.

What is stopping you from starting with this OXI?

What others say about us:


SmartHOTEL has enabled us to work more efficiently with our chains’ channel management.  It is stable and easy to work with, and they provide great support. Their team responds quickly and actively take action on feedback. The support team is very professional and fun to work with.

Nina - Distribution & System Manager, Elite Hotels of Sweden

The SmartHOTEL Channel Manager is a timesaver
and enables us to focus on our core business:
serving the customer.

Leonie - Revenue Manager, Mainport Hotel Rotterdam
SmartHOTEL icon Black&white

We are proud to provide Oracle’s individual hotels and chains with a solution that drives a continuous revenue stream and makes distribution more efficient by cutting out central platforms and 3rd party interfaces. Due to continuous development, the direct connection to OPERA will contain innovative data transfers like guest profile export, stay records and payment data from PMS to 3rd parties. We are close adding the functionalities for syncing all channels with data from OPERA by just one click. The release of this new interface is the start of a new and optimized journey of data exchange for the Hospitality Industry.

Derreck - Strategy & Operations, SmartHOTEL

Become in full control of your online distribution

Stop depending on the performance of shared clouds and costly connectors. Start with our Oracle Exchange Interface for OPERA systems for a direct connection and full control over your distribution.