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Save costs and get more direct reservations through the Smart Booking Engine.

Receive more commission-free bookings? This is possible with the SmartHOTEL Booking Engine!
The new user-friendly IBE increases the number of reservations via your website.

Did you know that more than 50% of leisure and business travellers visit the hotel’s website after they have found it on a booking site? Your guests are starting to get a better understanding of the online booking game. Many guests know that booking at the hotel itself is often more valuable to them than booking via an OTA. That’s what we call a great opportunity! With the Smart Booking Module, your guests can book a room just as easily on your website as they do on booking sites. It leaves a professional impression with your guests and gives you more direct and commission-free bookings.

Smart responsive booking engine

All the benefits of having a booking engine on your hotel website.

    Increase the number of direct, commission-free bookings via your own website.

    All bookings that come through the booking module are processed directly in the Smart Channel Manager (and PMS). Renewed availability and prices are automatically passed on to all your booking channels.

    The Smart Booking Module can be fully customised to your wishes and the branding of your own website.

    When you have a problem or need advice, your dedicated consultant will help you directly. No excuses, ticket systems, or call centres.

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Smart Channel Manager

Smart, Simple and Intuitive. An overview of all functionalities.

At SmartHOTEL we have one goal: to connect your hotel with the world. We do this with quality software and the best service so that you can save time for your guests.

  • Easy to use – A modern and straightforward booking engine for your guests that you don’t have to manage yourself through integration with the Channel Manager.

  • Completely automated – Directly connected to the Smart Channel Manager so that your prices and availability are updated in real-time on all online channels.

  • Fully responsive – The Smart Booking Module is responsive, so your hotel is always easy to book via mobile, tablet or PC.

  • Smart design – The Smart Booking Module can be adapted to the branding of your website so that it is always recognisable.

  • Languages & Currency – The Smart Booking Module is available in most languages and currencies.

  • Analytics & Reporting – Detailed performance reports via Google Analytics. Insights into the click behaviour of the guests to optimise the usability.

  • Commission-free bookings – Our pricing is fair and transparent. The Smart Booking Module is available for a fixed amount per month, no unforeseen costs or commissions per booking.

  • Dedicated Support – Our support staff and consultants will help you quickly and personally. With years of experience in the hospitality industry, we understand what you need.

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of the SmartHOTEL Booking Engine? Experience the guest journey by making a test reservation!

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What others say about us:


SmartHOTEL has enabled us to work more efficiently with our Chains’ channel management. It is stable and easy to work with, and they provide great support. Their team responds quickly and actively take action on feedback. The support team is very professional and fun to work with.

Nina - Distribution & System Manager, Elite Hotels of Sweden

The SmartHOTEL Channel Manager is a timesaver
and enables us to focus on our core business:
serving the customer.

Leonie, Revenue Manager, Mainport Hotel Rotterdam

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We understand the complexity of online distribution. Your consultant will work with you to determine your optimal distribution mix and room rates.
Get the most out of your online bookings with the Smart Booking module.

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